• Are there 2 options for general Pass/Fail for public places and then badge scanning for employee monitoring? Would a visitor of a company need to get a visitor badge to scan in? 
    • We (will) have a way for badge-less scanning for public places, and also a way for scans to be tied to a badge/identity for employees. 

  • What is the setup process? What will be required from IT to deploy the device?What OS does it run on?
    • Once a K1 is ordered, and added to a customer's account (We call this a tenant), it is ready to be deployed. The customer just needs to plug the ethernet cord into an available network port. We have an optional wireless system we are working on and will be available soon.


  • What comes standard with every unit and what is customizable?
    • We are planning on custom vinyl graphic wraps for some customers, and custom scan 'Home' screens, in the near future.


  •  What happens when someone fails? Email notifications with captured screenshots? 
    • A manager or attendant is notified via SMS message, and also an alert is posted to the MTRX K1  online web portal.