Our mission is to inspire hope and reinvent how we measure and improve health.

Our products simplify and expedite the collection, storage, and analysis of precise physiological data and health data, which results in significantly reduced operational costs to healthcare providers and managed care facilities, while improving patient experience and outcomes.

The current health treatment paradigm is that a person gets sick, and then they go to their doctor. Then, the healthcare provider evaluates the sick patient to determine why they are ill by first measuring and evaluating the patient’s physiology. This is an inefficient, costly, and often ineffective approach for the clinician and patient alike.

Alternatively, we should routinely measure a person’s physiology, and then notify the person that there is something wrong with their health. That way we can help the patient and the clinicians determine what is wrong before the patient’s disease increases in severity. Early detection of disease saves time, money, and lives. 

The most efficient and cost-effective way to treat the patient is to detect the disease early, or prevent severe disease from ever occurring, and this is what the MTRX capability provides to our customers.

Our vision is to make health measurement a part of everyday life.