Beyond COVID

Infectious diseases and pandemics will not be eliminated any time in the near future, and the threat of pandemics will always exist. The COVID-19 and Influenza pandemics have repeatedly demonstrated that reacting to pandemics is not an effective approach and costs organizations and society trillions of dollars and costs millions of people their lives. The best way to stop a pandemic is to prevent it from ever happening. To prevent these disasters, organizations, and society, need an affordable and scalable system that can systematically and efficiently evaluate a person’s health and detect diseases in the population.

Beyond the threat of COVID-19 or other pandemics, seasonal influenza accounts for 111 million lost workdays in the United States each year. This costs an estimated $16.3 billion in lost earnings. With the MTRX solution, organizations can prevent the spread of the influenza and other infectious diseases in the workplace with regular health monitoring. 

Our mission is to inspire hope and reinvent how we measure and improve individual, population, and organizational health.

Our products simplify and expedite the collection, storage, and analysis of physiological data and health data, which significantly reduces operational costs to health retailers, healthcare providers, and managed care facilities. 

The current health treatment paradigm is that a person gets sick, and then they go to their doctor. The healthcare provider then evaluates the sick patient to determine why they are sick by first measuring and evaluating the patient’s physiology. This is an inefficient, costly, and often ineffective approach. 

Instead, we should routinely measure a person’s physiology, and then notify the person that something is wrong and try to help them determine what is wrong, before they get sick. Then, that person should go to their doctor to have that identified problem treated. Similar to pandemics, the most efficient and cost effective way to treat the patient is to catch the illness early, or prevent it from ever occurring, and this is what MTRX capability will provide in the near future. 

Our vision is to make health a part of everyday life.

Data is considered the new oil and MTRX enables organizations to harness remarkable amounts of health data from all of the MTRX to help organizations make strategic and informed business decisions related to operations public health, while simultaneously significantly improving healthcare and treatment for the individual by changing how we measure and evaluate health.