Assisted Living

Assisted Living

For the Facility’s Employees and Visitors

Protect our most vulnerable population from exposure to infectious diseases with MTRX K1 at every entry to your facility. The MTRX K1 can analyze the health of your employees over time and alert management of any abnormal findings before any of the residents are potentially exposed to infectious diseases. The MTRX K1 can also be configured to perform health scans on any guests or visitors prior to entry to the facility.

For the Future of Assisted Living

Future assisted living will take place in the home. Accurately measuring the health of your loved ones is critical. The MTRX RX non-invasively and precisely measures and analyzes the health of persons in home-based assisted living so that they receive the best healthcare possible. The RX simply accomplishes this by using revolutionary health scanning technology that measures a patient’s physiology in seconds. The RX communicates these measurements taken in the person’s home to the clinicians or managed care providers at their offices. This enables the clinicians to quickly analyze the data and assess the resident’s health. This saves healthcare providers and managed care providers time and money, while improving the resident’s quality of life.

MTRX Assisted Living Product Sheet

MTRX RX Product sheet