About Us

Our Mission

To inspire hope and reinvent how we measure and improve individual, population, and organizational health.


MTRX is a technology company that provides intelligent technology to measure and improve individual, population, and organizational health. MTRX identified the immediate need for organizations around the world to open safely by building trust and confidence with their customers and employees. Our products provide effortless real time situational awareness so that organizations can maintain enterprise continuity and operate confidently. Through the leadership of Dr. Andrew Huff and Mr. Brock Arnold, MTRX offers a solution that uniquely mitigates the COVID-19 threat. The MTRX solution focuses on helping clients adopt innovative technologies (i.e., advanced sensor systems, AI, & IoT) to monitor the health of people to prevent infectious disease spread. In the future, these unique and valuable data will be used to inform and optimize workforce health and will evolve into new products.

How it Started

Co-founders Dr. Andrew Huff and Brock Arnold joined forces and launched MTRX in 2016 in an effort to capitalize on their synergistic combination of skills. Andrew is a recognized expert and professor in public health and statistics. He is the creative, guiding, and inspirational force behind the team. Brock brings over 16 years of computer science and product development expertise. Since their collaboration they have successfully devised and launched three patented technologies. Together they continue to effectively innovate, manage, and lead MTRX.

Core Values

Customer and employee trust is irreplaceable. Protecting the health of your organization, employees, and customers is critical. MTRX is the solution to your everyday health. Confidently take control of your health.